Tough 1 Winter Waterproof Snuggit Neck Turnout Blanket - 1200D - Sea Glass

Tough 1 Winter Waterproof Snuggit Neck Turnout Blanket - 1200D - Sea Glass

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Product Description


Waterproof Poly Turnout!

Durable Heavy Weight Turnout blanket that will keep a short hair coat in Subzero Temps and up to 15 degrees.  This is the blanket for the extreme temperature conditions.  We also have the matching neck covers as well. 

Check out the new front adjustment straps!! Buckle adjustment but also a new snap closure to make it quicker and easier to put blankets on and pull them off.

From the original TOUGH-1. Heavyweight Waterproof Turnout Rug - Waterproof & Breathable - This blanket has a hydrophobic membrane, that repels water droplets while permitting water vapor to pass. Rain and snow are repelled on the outside; perspiration evaporates from the inside. This desirable characteristic also provides excellent wind proofing.

The best fitting blanket we have found - the neck fits tighter, better and closer with less bulkiness than any other blanket on the market.



  • 1200 Denier Nylon Ripstop Shell
  • 300 grams fiberfill insulation
  • 210 WATERPROOF liner
  • Shoulder Gusset for a perfect action fit and ease of movement
  • Wind stopping tail Cover
  • Fleece Wither Protector
  • Open front with double buckles
  • Bias crossing Surcingle’s with elastic ends
  • Adjustable leg straps with elastic ends
  • Adjustable Snuggit neck allows you to customize the fit of this blanket to your horse



Sheet and Blanket sizes are determined by taking measurement of your horse from the center of chest to center of tail along one side. Using a tape measure, start at center of chest and go around the widest part of shoulder, then continue to the back and around the widest part of hindquarter to the center of tail. Be sure to keep your measurement a straight horizontal line to the ground. Do not go up and down as this may vary a measurement. If your measurement falls between sizes available for an item, you would normally purchase a larger size not a smaller size. EXAMPLE: Measurement between A and B is 73", purchase a 75". Remember that a size difference will be in length (A to B) when trying to determine whether to upsize or downsize.

Please see the last picture of horse for the line to use when measuring for blanket size.