Tough-1 Professional Farriers 2-Sided Diamond Sharpener

Tough-1 Professional Farriers 2-Sided Diamond Sharpener

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Product Description

Perfect for on the go sharpening! Our convenient, easy to use 2-sided diamond sharpener is great for farrier tools, knives, and even scissors. The sharpener has two sides with a different grit on each face, coarse (325 grit) and fine (600 grit). Each side has layers of diamonds nickel bonded to the steel frame. Includes a non-slip soft grip handle and thumb guard for safety and comfort. Sharpener stores easily into handle when not in use. If using the sharpener wet, use water or water-based honing oil rather than petroleum based oil. Use care to avoid excess pressure. Both sides are 1" wide by 4" tall.�