Pro Am Youth All Purpose English Saddle Package

Pro Am Youth All Purpose English Saddle Package

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Product Description

Pro Am Youth All Purpose English Saddle Pkg. •Black •This saddle is made of all high grade synthetic material which is similar to the same material used in making scuba diver suits. Strong, durable and easy to care for. •14" Seat. •Regular Tree - 7" Gullet Measurement. Wide Tree - 7 1/4" Gullet Measurement •Helps the young rider develop a good seat. •Features a deep seated "Flex-Fit Tree" •Flex-Fit Tree has a lifetime guarantee. •Provides added rider security - superb balance and positioning. •Light enough for your child to carry and easy for them to care for. •Flexible points allow your horse free shoulder movement. •Shaped buckle guard protects the underside of your saddle. •Lifetime flexible tree is precision molded and steel reinforced to position you over your horse’s center of balance. •Fitted with a deep foam seat for comfort. •Fiber filled panels conform to the horse and keep their shape longer. •Needs no saddle soaping - oiling or breaking in. •Complete with stirrup leathers, irons, iron pads, leather bridle, leather laced reins, snaffle bit, white fleece pad and girth (girth available from 38" up to 52") •This saddle comes with 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. This is very important, when a company is willing to offer a 5-year warranty that speaks volumes about how confident they are in their product. Beware of saddles selling online that do not carry a Brand Name and do not offer a warranty from a manufacturer. Many saddles are imported with no backing from a viable company. There is nothing wrong with imports, but purchasing an imported saddle with no backing from a US company generally has no quality control and no warranty. In this time in our world when our hard earned dollar has to stretch, quality and warranty are very important when making an investment in a product. •Bridle available in pony - cob or horse size •PLEASE include the bridle and girth size you need with your payment