Joseph Sterling Twisted Leather Halter

Joseph Sterling Twisted Leather Halter

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This halter has a distinctive appearance with its unique twist on each side of the noseband and crownpiece. An outstanding choice for an everyday stable halter or in-hand show halter. The Twisted Leather halter is locally made by Amish craftsmen from 1” top grain American leather that is tanned properly so it soft and supple right from the start. A fully adjustable curb helps customize the fit as well as the double adjustable crown. This halter has a rolled throat with a snap closure and has solid brass hardware throughout. Features include: Unique twist design on the nose and crown for a distinctive appearance Locally made from Amish craftsmen using 1” American two ply leather for exceptional durability Rolled throat with snap for easy on/off options Double stitched with cream thread ¾” adjustable chin and double adjustable crown Solid brass hardware Color: Dark Oil Sizes: Cob, Full Size, Thoroughbred