Tough1 Super Slow Feed Hay Net - 6 Pack

Tough1 Super Slow Feed Hay Net - 6 Pack

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Product Description

Horse eating too fast? Lots of hay waste on the ground? This super slow feed net may be the right solution! Made of strong poly hay cord, this net features small knotted openings to slow down speedy eaters and reduce hay waste. This net fits plenty of hay to keep your horse busy for long periods of time. Measures 42" with 1" x 1" openings.


  • Strong poly hay cord
  • Super small 1" x 1" knotted openings
  • Slows down your horse's consumption
  • Reduces hay waste
  • Drawstring top
  • Standard size fits plenty of hay
  • Includes 6 nets in assorted colors
  • 42", 1" x 1" openings
  • Assorted Colors